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Miami Location Sound Recordist

I'm a Miami location sound recordist who will capture terrific tracks for your interview, commercial, documentary, web video or short narrative film.

With over 30 years as a photojournalist and commercial photographer I'm a complete team member with a keen eye for production and sharp ear for story telling.

I'm also a multimedia producer that combines interviews, natural sound and my own still photographs to tell compelling stories for non-profit agencies and educational institutions.

In recent months I've recorded sound on productions as varied as the Senator Marco Rubio Presidential Campaign with Poolhouse Digital, commercials for Jack Rogers Shoes with 3 Star Productions, a Barcardi product roll out video with Flying Man Productions, interviews for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation with Lyon & Associates Creative Services, a McCormick sponsored cooking show with Better Living Television and location sound effects in MS stereo for the American
Heart Association and M2 Productions.

I'm currently operating with the Sound Devices SD 633 6 channel,
ten-track mixer/recorder, Sennheiser MKH60 and MKH8050 mics,
Tram TR50 lavs and multiple wireless channels.